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Full text of "Mathura A District Memoir"

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24, u" "WliCGj 0 blessed B&dhika, shall I behold your heavenly face, clustered—
as if will: bees- — wi«h van ton earlsj like some lotos blossoming in a lake of
porast love, or a moon swelling an ocean of enjoyment, an ocean of delight.

25 . " Ail ! the name of Bodha, perfection of loveliness, perfection of delight,
sole perfection of happiness, perfection of pity, perfection of honeyed beauty
and grace, perfection of wit, perfection of the rapturous joys of love, perfection
of all the most perfect that my seal can conceive !

170.    "0 ye wise, if there be any one desirous of transcendental happiness,
let him £11 the pitcher of his ears and drirk in this panegyric, called the Rasa-
i or fi Treasury of Love's  delights."

The Hindu poem, the Cliiiurdsi Pada? is mncli more popular, and most of
the Grosalns know at least some of its stanzas by heart. There is a commentary
upon it l>y Lok-nnth, dated Samlat 1855, and another in verse, called the RcJi&sya

artlia-nirupana by Easik Lal? written in Samfcat 1734. .Neither of the two,
however, is of much assistance to the student ; all the simple passages being
paraphrasetl with wearisome prolixity, while real difficulties are generally skip-
ped. I subjoin the text and translation of the first 12 stanzas :— -


!i ^ 11

^TW %ii ill ill w!

rh W^HI §1^ I2|IT%

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